Project Intan is proud to nominate Beyond as its charity partner this year. We are pleased that some of their children will be in the concert in September. Our target is $500,000. We seek donations for programmes as well as resources described below. All donations, big or small are welcome, and when you give, you help build a more inclusive and cohesive community for all.

How you can help

Youth education & development

A year of early childhood education at our Healthy Start Child Development Centre with social worker support. Find out more


We hope to support 10 needy children

Educational support for children who are unable to cope with mainstream tuition programmes.
Find out more


We aim to support 200 children

A year’s access to sailing programmes for children to learn key life skills, self-reliance & confidence. Find out more


We will introduce 20 children to sailing

Regular football coaching to instil the value of routine, discipline and teamwork. 
Find out more


We have capacity to coach 100 children

Training youth as volunteer photographers for their neighborhood


We will train 20 youth

Employability enhancement

A program to train home-bound parents on how to earn part-time income to support their families. Find out more


We hope to help 30 mothers

Youth and Community Leadership Development

This delinquency prevention programme serves communities of young people and their care-givers by giving parents guidance on how to prevent delinquency among children. Find out more


We will facilitate 5 neighbourhood conferences

Training youths as community leaders to become positive neighbourhood role-models.
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We aim to train 100 youths leaders

Family support & problem-solving

Supporting families with financial, parenting and health difficulties. The program includes crisis de-escalation, family planning meetings and mentoring. Find out more


We will support 100 families

Advocacy reports for youth offenders, facilitating representations to authorities to place them under strict supervised care by family or friends rather than placement in a custodial institution. Find out more


5 youths will be served

Food and equipment

Monthly milk powder/diapers subsidy for a pre-school child. Find out more


100 children will be helped

Video Projectors for pre-school programme run at Healthy Start Child Development Centre

$1500 each

2 Projectors are needed

Any other donation towards our programmes and work are welcome as well.

Other Amt

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